What Happened with Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain?

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain was considered as a traditional American steakhouse. The setting of the restaurant was made of wood and stone. The unique decoration of this steak chain restaurant was the hanging animal sculpture on the walls as well as some small lanterns which enable to create a countryside atmosphere to its contented ambiance.

– Unique Signatures
Besides being famous with its comfortable setting, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse also provided welcoming and warm services. The restaurant was equipped with a party room which was decorated with Texan-style setting and was appropriate for families and friends. This steak restaurant was also famous with its variety of steaks and its signature sauces. The Italian fire ovens were set in the kitchen as for baking the steaks and potato wedges. The butterfly shrimps were being grilled on the charcoal grill and then served with toppings made of lemon juice and spice mix. Besides the menu being mentioned previously, the restaurant also served fresh grilled vegetables along with its main entrees. On the other hand, the restaurant’s bar also served teas, coffees as well as alcoholic beverages. The bar was also completed with domestic and import beers, as well as some wine. This steakhouse was also preparing extensive menu for kids. There were usually plenty numbers of families with kids eating in this restaurant.

What Happened with Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain

– The Bankruptcy
In February 2014, the owner of Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, CB Holding Corp, has announced that the agen bola company along with its subsidiaries had filed for some protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The company operated 12 Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, 20 Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse and 7 The Office Beer Bar & Grill restaurants operating along the

– Eastern Seaboard.
After the announcement of the bankruptcy, the company closed down 12 Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse and 29 Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse. The Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse was finally closed down after more than 20 years of operations. This shutdown totally made Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse being missed by all of its loyal customers.
Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse had become a family favorite dining place along with its interactive wildlife and charming rustic décor. The friendly ambiance also played the big role on the reason why the customers kept on dining in this restaurant.

As being stated by the representative of CB Holding Corp., one reason to the shutdown of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain was also due to the original development of Clarks Pond. Whatever the reason was, the steakhouse was gone but remained unforgettable.

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