Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Reruns as BC Steak

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Reruns as BC SteakAfter the shutdown of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chains, the first location to reopens for the business is located in Gaithersburg and is considered as the first with a new concept to attract the customers and compete with other restaurants. The new restaurant is known with its name, BC Steak.

– Going for Business Once Again
For the Americans, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse was a famous restaurant with lots of chains spreading all over the country. One icon which always reminded of this steakhouse was its talking animals. The animatronic bison and moose heads which came to life and started to talk, regardless whether the customers wanted them to do so or not, had been able to attract the customers to dine in this restaurant and being entertained by its two well-known talking animals.

The Capitol BC which owned more than 10 steakhouses located all over the Mid-Atlantic and New England was getting rid of these talking animals and started the new concepts of its steak restaurant. The concept of a smooth appearance and updated menu was being proposed through the name of BC Steak and the Silver Birch Bar. The first reopened restaurant was being built at the former location of Bugaboo Creek on March 31 in Gaithersburg.

– New Concepts
The new reopen restaurant was carrying out new concept by leaving out the well known talking animals which were previously making the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse to be widely known. The president and chief operating of Capitol BC, Bill Burnett, stated that talking animals were now easily found everywhere and the new concept of BC Steak was being implemented later on to other 10 restaurants. The renovated BC Steak and Silver Birch Bar only kept two black antler chandeliers from its previous restaurant decoration, Bugaboo Creek. It was stated that kids had no longer put an interest in the talking animals as they were begun to be equipped with smart phones and iPads. They would care less on the animatronic animals.

In order to be able to compete with modern casual dining chains such as Outback and Longhorn Steakhouse, the management of the company had prepared some new interactive concepts for its steakhouse chains.
The new ideas were seen from the name and the decoration change to obtain a new start for the business. This fresh start could maintain the lodge feel and give the more refined look for the old Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain in the near future.

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