Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain in Maryland Reborn as BC Steak

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain

Following the previous reopening of the closed Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain in Gaithersburg in March 31, the new chain was being opened in Maryland under the new name of BC Steak. The Bugaboo Creek in Maryland was closed in February. Capitol BC, the restaurant group, came with two concepts.

– New Ownership
As the Bugaboo Creek chains were being closed down due to bankruptcy in 2011, the 12 chains of the steakhouses were being purchased by Capitol BS which also run the restaurant business. Capitol BC had been intended to refurbish the restaurants with mid-Atlantic concepts
The ideas were not executed directly at that time. Instead, the company was closing down one unit of the Bugaboo Creek steakhouses at a time. Then, it overhauled the locations of the steakhouses and unveiled the new concepts of the steakhouses as BC Steak as well as to introduce new vibrant menus in more polished yet upscale ambience.

– The Reason behind the New Concept
The first reopened restaurant was located in Gaithersburg. The new concept being introduced in Gaithersburg was completely changing Bugaboo Creek into a different steak restaurant. The introduction of a more stylish menu and the wine list as well as the upgraded service was being proposed in this BC Steak restaurant.
The main issue being faced by Capitol BC was the competition against the mid-range steakhouse business such as Outback, Texas Roadhouse and Longhorn Steak which had massive buying power and larger advertising budgets. Capitol BC was still figuring out the concept of higher level product and service with slightly higher prices.
BC Steak offered new menus included Maryland Style Crab Cake which was being prepared fresh everyday with abundant crab meat; SautÚed Whiskey Shrimp with housemade bourbon, mustard sauce cream; Cedar Plank Salmon, marinated with soy and glazed with sweet mustard; and many appetizing menus.

Another new concept for the old Bugaboo Creek was the Silver Birch Bar addition which being housed at a different space inside the restaurant. This bar was open for unlimited hours. To make the judi online customers comfortable, the bar was being decorated with lounge area, darts, and shuffleboard tables in order to attract the customers after the work hours.
The new concept and environment of the old Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain as the new BC Steak was to retain as many as the old Bugaboo Creek guests. This new restaurant was hoped to be able to give different dining experience for the customers.

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